Weekly Pain & Gain: Schools out for Summer

It’s official summer has started and the heat is on.

We are practicing smart home cooling and so far we haven’t had to use the air conditioner.

But all is not well in the Roamer home and so we have some pains to discuss.


Sick kids at the beginning of summer. It looks like JR decided that the last gift from school he was going to bring was an illness. Congestion, runny nose and a cough. It was only a matter of time before we all got sick.

So we spent a few sleep interrupted nights tending to our sick children. The worst is that today I finally caught what ever they had. I woke up with my throat swollen and red. Thankfully salt is cheap and so I gargled salt water a few times already today and I am feeling better.  Not great, but better. JR seems to be well again and Minnie is on the up swing though she is still very congested.

As always Mr. Roamer has come out of the ordeal without a scratch. I don’t know what it is with that guys immune system but he hardly gets sick. Though when he does you won’t see him as he stays in bed all day and barely eat.  But he didn’t get sick so he was able to help out with the kids.

We are happy it seems to be just a cold and that it didn’t require anything too serious like a visit to an emergency room. Because emergency room visits are no fun.

hmm what else?

That’s all I’ve got, but for those of you in the know, you can sympathize that dealing with sick kids is no small task.


I’d say first and foremost its important to mention that not only did I survived my first week with both kids home all day. I survived it with them sick. And minimal tv watching. Phew. I think that’s a win.

Parenting is hard work and I have been happy that so far things have transitioned smoothly. We’ve all had to get on a new routine. Now that summer has started I also have an opportunity to spend one on one time with JR. Minnie still takes naps and so after she goes down JR and I hang out and play a board game. Ticket to ride anyone?


This month we also celebrated our anniversary and got to reminisce and think back and talk about our wedding.  But we aren’t the only ones celebrating, as this time of year is wedding season.  Amusingly enough, one of my friends also chose to send me a message recently regarding his wedding. He was telling me how much he and his wife loved their wedding gift from us.  2 coffee cups that are part of their daily routine, which we re-gifted from our wedding. But hey, while it was not right for us, it was right for them. See re-gifting can be awesomely successful.  Something to consider as you approach wedding season.


Also if you haven’t heard I am super taken by the writer Bea who writes over at Zerowastehome.com. (Thanks J. Money for the introduction) I am currently trying to eliminate as much waste as I can, which fits nicely with my minimalism journey. So I am happy that Mr. Roamer has been a good sport as we change our shopping habits and transition out of bagging everything. We’ve been doing it for about a month now but this weekend marked a new step. I finally made some mesh bags out of an old laundry bag we never used. Which is very helpful when you want to buy more then just 4 apples.

Except for the sickness we are having a great start to the summer. 🙂

How is your summer starting out?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Pain & Gain: Schools out for Summer”

    1. Yeah, I spoke to soon… a few days later we had coughing again… and then fever.. UGH! But it’s all part of life right? Sorry to hear I hope you don’t mean it’s stuck around since January. I hope everyone gets better soon if that is what you meant.

      Thanks so much we had fun.

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