Weekly Pain & Gain: Kids and Money

Kids can’t live with them can’t live without them.

Seriously this week wasn’t so bad but this weekend. Sheesh. I was an emotional wreck.


You know as the week progresses I like to make notes about what would be my gain and pain… So that I have some ideas to work with.

My pain this week was going to be all financial. See I messed up and miss calculated my IRA numbers, which negates last weeks gain ­čÖü . I really thought I was going to be able to max it out… But I accidentally had one extra space, I was counting contributions for January as well… Hmm.

So anyways that was going to be my pain for the week but then Sunday happen.

We, (I?) Had a big Baby scare.

Minnie Roamer rocked my world Sunday by frightening me. She is 2 and was taking too long on the potty, I was getting impatient and finally just picked her up. Then I saw it and something wasn’t right. So I set her down and told Mr Roamer to watch her. Then I went to check her poopy diaper… The poop didn’t seem to be too hard…

How could this happen….

I rushed back and told Mr. Roamer that I thought something was wrong. So I picked her up and told him to look, no that is not poop hanging from her.

I lost it. I did not keep it together. Oddly Minnie didn’t appear to be in any pain just discomfort, trying to shake the “poop” loose.

We waited a bit to see if things would go back to normal but…. I just wanted to take her in. I’m so glad the ┬áhospital is almost literally right around the corner.

Note to all parents and future parents: as you freak out or remain calm about some child injury or emergency. Take a picture!

By the time we were seen at the emergency room everything was back to normal downstairs. ┬áDiagnosis… They really didn’t give us one .. But it might have been rectal prolapse.

After we realized that everything was okay. We started to joke around… Man there are better things we could have done with those $100 and 30 min. ┬áAnother of those times you have to laugh to keep from crying… Though I did plenty of crying earlier.

Seriously though I am so happy we can just head over to a hospital… Even if the doctor says this wasn’t an emergency. I’m glad we don’t have to weigh whether something makes financial sense before we consider getting a professional opinion.

Though in the end it was almost a waste… The doctor didn’t do anything really since the problem wasn’t there anymore. I’d rather try to joke about the unnecessary expense after then to wait.

Still I’d rather do without the emotional rollercoaster to begin with but as a parent… These things are bound to happen …

Which lead me to…


I am soooo lucky to have Mr. Roamer, I myself was not feeling well Sunday morning which I think contributed to my maybe overly emotional reaction to Minnie.

But before all that happened Mr. Was doing what he could to pamper me and make me comfortable. Then all hell broke loose… Well at least I lost it. But he kept it together. I could see he was also greatly concerned but he stayed level. I love him so much. I’m so happy to have him around.


And before Sunday we also had a nice day at the beach. There was an event going on so there were booths and as we walked to our usual spot we scored some free snacks.

Beach free snacks… Big waves. (Thumbs up)

Free snacks scored at the beach, and 2 frisbees.
Free snacks scored at the beach, and 2 frisbees.

Actually we scored more then what is pictures above because as we left we also each snagged some more snacks. Yup we are those people taking full advantage of good freebies.

Capsule Update

So another complain is revolving around my capsule. ┬áThe weather is hot… Capsule for fall so far is all wrong thanks to the weather. Heats not dropping. I have too many cold weather items and not enough warm weather… Plus I went over board with the color.. ┬áI’m feeling like this capsule is going to be a big challenge.

The Roamer traveling wallet




3 thoughts on “Weekly Pain & Gain: Kids and Money”

  1. Oh my goodness, that is a scare! I have a 16 month old little girl, so I know the feeling of panic when something is just not right. Even though, it turned out to be nothing and the doctor didn’t do anything, that was not a waste of $100! You needed that piece of mind or you would still be worried. You did the right thing. Glad things are all good!

    1. Yes not a waste at all, it is super good to know that if we have a medical emergency, or pseudo emergency that we can pony up and cover the cost.

      Peace if mind is priceless, specially when it comes to kids… Unfortunately when doctors don’t provide any good info its difficult to know how to mitigate it from happening again… Which means we are still living in fear not knowing what to expect.

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