Capsule 7: Winter and a Wrap dress

The mini retirement is just around the corner, so for year 2 of capsule wardrobes, my goal is to get all my clothes to fit into 1 bin and 1 backpack. Fitting our entire life into 2 cars means No space for superfluous rarely used items.

Here were my pick for my 7th capsule wardrobe Winter 2016. You can compare it to last Winter’s Capsule 3 wardrobe picks and looks. My last winter capsule I had 40 items. This year only 36, I’m slowly learning to do more with less.

The colors for this capsule are blue, black, gray and purple. With a surprise red dress.  This capsule started in December so the red dress added some color variety while giving me something festive to wear for the holidays.

With the colder weather I also pulled out some of my coats which made it into some outfit pictures.

My most stylish capsule

This is my second time with my winter capsule. I created a base by pulling out the same pieces from last year. Then I traded some pieces out. My winter capsule has turned out to be the easiest to use and what I think most would consider, the most stylish.

One of my main goals for this capsule was learning how to use my wrap dress (item 6). It was advertised with so many possibilities but I rarely used it because it was so hard to work with.

I watched loads of videos and I played around. But I noticed as I watched the videos that a lot of tutorials didn’t include back shots. When I would be done twisting and tying it looked great in the front but terrible in the back. Not flattering at all. I came up with some looks that worked for me. So I said hey this actually looks good from the front and back.  Finally!

I did learn a few new ways to tie it but I really need to mess around with this skirt some more.

Now a little visual inspiration.

As a whole I’m still learning. I still have looks I don’t like and some that I think. “Why haven’t I done this before? It looks and feels great.”

I try to keep it real here and even share the looks that are not so great. It’s real life and I did wear it out. I survived.

Also as a native Californian who doesn’t need to deal with too much cold weather. It’s great to see you can stay warm and still look good. I’ll need it once I move to Michigan.

Trouble letting go

I seemed to have forgotten my goal in this capsule because I didn’t want to let anything go. I still had some things that are not so great. Like my 4 year old “new” pair of jeans (item 13) that I bought right before giving birth to Minnie Roamer.  I rarely wear them because they are too tight on my waist but all my other jeans are quickly wearing out. So instead I am going to try and alter them.

The purge list was looking rather sparse and I only got rid of these 2 items.

I actually picked out 3 items but I rescued my shawl (item 25) because I really liked the layered looked I created at the end. It’s the 2nd look on the very last row of the outfits.

And the Money?

Well this is another capsule where I bought nothing. But I still got to wear some “new” stuff.  The black pencil skirt was one of the few items I still had  waiting it’s test run. That, plus figuring out some new looks with the wrap dress gave me some fresh outfits and silhouettes.

Finally to piggy back off what I said in my last capsule update. If I spent $100 a month on clothes I have save $900 so far. And if I spent the more outlandish $400/month well then in the last 3 capsules I have saved myself $3,600. Say What!? So yeah give capsules a try. And pull out all your pieces of clothing, make them work.

Further reading and inspiration.

How many clothing items do you own? What would you do with an extra $3,600?


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