Capsule 6 & A 10 x 10 Challenge

The mini retirement is just around the corner, so for year 2 of capsule wardrobes, my goal is to get all my clothes to fit into 1 bin and 1 backpack. Fitting our entire life into 2 cars means No space for superfluous rarely used items.

Here are my pick for my 6th capsule wardrobe Fall 2016.You can compare it to last Fall’s Capsule 2 wardrobe picks and looks.

10 x 10 Challenge is another fun way to push your clothes to the limits

Thanks to Un-fancy I was introduced to Style Bee’s 10 x 10 challenge. Somewhere along the way I lost item 10 and ended up with 9 items for 10 days. Thanks to the experiment I really pushed myself to think outside of the box.

For example. Before accessories were the only way I changed up the look of my red and white dress (#1). During the challenge I actually layered another top on it and just really loved the outcome in the third look. Then I even found a way to turn it into a skirt by using the sleeves as a belt in look 9. It was fun and just blew my mind. I never realized clothing had so many possibilities.

Feeling bored with your wardrobe. Don’t want to make any purchases. I highly recommend you give the 10 x 10 challenge a try. Remember that on the other side of discomfort is discovery.

Pick 10 items and create 10 looks for 10 days. The 10 x 10 Challenge

Only 36 items for 3 months?

Maybe you are new to this whole capsule wardrobe idea and the thought of just 36 items to wear for 3 months ( including shoes) is just too, too little. Like seriously?! Well I have a strong feeling that you should give it a try. I have a strong feeling that you will use even less.

At capsule 6 I’ve noticed I gravitate to an even smaller number of items to wear regularly. During the experiment I push myself to wear items I DON’T normally reach for because I need to wear something to pinpoint why I’m not reaching for it in the first place. So I push myself into wearing everything in my closet. But I find myself still happiest in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I am happiest were comfort is greater than pretty.

The whole reaching for a few items out of 36 makes me think that 36 items might be too much. You might have the same result.

Below are my looks for Fall 2016. My 6th capsule wardrobe. My colors were just like Fall’s changing leaves, orange, yellow, red but also black.

If this is your first capsule wardrobe tango. Make sure you have at least one nice outfit to wear for all your special occasions. Your small wardrobe can still cover all the bases.

These were my fanciest looks.

I attended​ a company Christmas party. Thanksgiving dinner ,went on a date and attended a band concert.

Off to the Goodwill

My first fall capsule was kind of a failure but this time around I got way more creative. Still there was plenty I was forcing myself to use because that was the point of the capsule. To use it in my day to day to see if it functioned in my life.

Learning that I can do a lot more with 10 items. Discovering that I am habitually still reaching for a smaller segment of my wardrobe. It all illustrates there is room in my wardrobe to cut.

For me the white ruffle blouse(#7)  was a shirt I really wanted to work. I think it’s cute but it has silver thread that is very itchy. I tried layering it. Then realized I didn’t want to keep a shirt with restrictions. So out it went. I think it’s important to have those realizations. That no matter how much we like something the 1st hurdle is that it has to be comfortable… no itching…scratching…. riding up or any such nonsense allowed.

Why do people spend so much on clothes every year?

Honestly for me fall was another 3 months with no purchase necessary. I just reshuffled stuff around and forced myself to try everything out.

While this is not a fashion blog, I think it’s important to realize that for some people (women and men), clothing is a big expense. Learning to do more with less. Going through the pain of trying to make stuff work when it’s uncomfortable and doesn’t fit right will really help in decreasing that spending.  At a spending of $100 a month I will have saved $600 in these last 2 capsules compared to the average american woman. However some people spend a lot more. Like $400 a month. At that rate I’ve saved $2,400 already in the last 6 months.

I challenge you to put the credit card down and give the 10 x 10 challenge a try. It’s not just for fashion followers it’s another great experiment for any money aficionado.

Do you know how much you spend on clothes. Tell me your 6 month total so far? How are you making your clothes work harder?


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