Weekly Pain & Gain : Move on the Horizon

If you’ve read about my travel this past 7 years you know I’ve moved around alot. And yes moving can be a hassle but it also has lots of advantages. Anyways I like the idea of moving around. I’ll blame it on my upbringing. 😉

Anyways we’ve been pretty stable lately and have lived in the same city for almost 5 years. I think we are ready to give this whole live closer to work thing a try, like MMM and Go Curry Cracker did.


The pain of moving around is the research is time consuming. It’s also not super kid friendly if your trying to see a bunch of properties in one day.

Schedules were interrupted and Minnie Roamer missed her naps both Sat and Sun leaving us with a very unhappy child. It’s pretty much torturous to kids to have to walk around jump in and out of the car, miss naps, see cool stuff and not be able to touch. (every apt space is a new area to explore, but some of them were models which means they came full of furniture and stuff which I was more nervous about them touching.) All compounded with the fact that the weather increased up to 99° so it was very draining.

Apt hunting is definitely not enjoyable when you are on a limited time window. I actually think if we had all the time in the world to make the move the experience would have been much different as we could see less locations every day. No rush no fuss right.

The time constraint comes from the fact that I want to continue Jr Roamer in a Dual Immersion program but their is only one space available at his new school. And we need to move quickly. Within the month. Language is super important to me and the program has been amazing at his current school.

Finally the last pain is the cost increase. We work in an expensive area and currently live 16 miles away. The drive isn’t horrible but we are trying to become less car dependent and get within a 5 mile radius of both school and work. That means we would be moving to a more expensive area and our rent costs will increase. Which  is not something I want to do.

I am really bummed about this cost.


Okay okay so this search process so far I don’t see any gains but if we end up closer to work we would see gains. We could start biking to work and to school more often. Woking in exercise info our daily routine.

Also just the process of moving means we will have to go through a purge which is one of the reasons I enjoy moving.

It’s a time that forces you to take every single items out and handle it. That is a perfect time to ask why you own any item.

Plus I just enjoy exploring new places even if its just a new city around the corner. You’d be surprised the diversity possible just a stones throw away. 🙂

What do you think is cutting 10-12 miles from your commute worth paying $400-$500 more a month? I can tell you we don’t spend that much on gas.

The Roamer traveling wallet




3 thoughts on “Weekly Pain & Gain : Move on the Horizon”

  1. If you can build a very walkable lifestyle, then the extra cost is likely worth it. Not from a financial perspective, but from a lifestyle perspective.

    I hate moving because I have to go through everything, but I’m glad someone likes it. I’ll hire you for my next move 🙂

    1. Ha-ha I’d love to help. I’ll be honest I don’t love the process but I love the results! Which means I can at least have a positive view of the chaos while its going on because I know what’s on the other side.

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