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Weekend Wanderings: Include Language in your Journey

I have a little ritual I developed at work to cope with my dissatisfaction. I had listened to 7 habits cast and realized that effective people take responsibility for their lives.

I was feeling rather passionless when I started but I found that watching some TEDx talks always gave my mind a work out whether it was inspirational or informative or controversial. It got my juices flowing. So I’ve made it a point that every Friday I schedule 30 min. To be inspired.

After watching these I find a few that just are Wow and I want to share them. I use to email them out but it felt weird to just include specific people. And it seems limiting.

But now, I own a blog a place where I can share my thoughts and anything else. So introducing my new ( what I hope to be segment) Weekend Wanderings.

I for see it mostly being ted talks but it gives me a medium to share any other useful info as well. *

This weekend languages.

Watch the following videos and be inspired. I am bilingual and I can relate with Tim Doner’s message.

Some stuff just doesn’t translate. One word for me has always been Amor. In English you have love but love is used for. I love you so much honey and I love hot dogs so much. There aren’t to different words to express the different levels of affection that you feel for these two things. Unless you really do “love” hot dogs as much as your partner.

Any who enjoy the following video. As Tim Doner explains the values of language.

So if you watched the video all the way through then now you know the importance language has to culture. To building relationships.

Most FI people have this urge to travel. Well think about really getting submerged in the culture through language.

What about financially are there any benefits. I don’t know? Have you wanted to become an expat of your country. Networks are touted to be a key foundation step for business. Think of the doors that would open if you knew the local tongue.

What about locally? I live in California. I’ll be the first to admit limited data on whether there are better wages for multilingual people. But few can argue that there are most definitely more opportunities.

There have been many job descriptions here in California where Spanish speakers are preferred.  So at the very least there is potential financial benefit.

So now that you all are interested here’s another video with some tips for how to pick up language.

Language is very important to me, and its not because of the financial benefits. It’s because its part of my culture who I am.  Its so important that it’s one of the reasons I haven’t moved closer to work. My son is currently enrolled in a Dual Immersion School where he learns English and Spanish.  I don’t want to lose this program and its benefits.

I also truly believe that when you talk the local language you get a much more intimate glimpse into a culture. So I am excited to put these techniques to work as I brush up on Mandarin Chinese.

I also have to admit that I wouldn’t mind having the top 3 most widely spoke languages in the world under my belt. With my goal to travel learning foreign languages is just part of that bigger plan.

Finally, I’d like to close with this video.

I’m happy to be learning the PF language. I do relate. I understand debt, I understand wanting to follow a different path. I understand having big dreams!

I’m so glad to have found people who speak my language.

* I will work to tie everything into a financial perspective since our focus here is how money affects all our other life journeys.

What have you done this weekend? How do you stay inspired?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderings: Include Language in your Journey”

  1. Love that last one! I love Ted talks in general and they are a great way to find inspiration. And I do think PF’ers have their own language, simply because we can use PF and know what the hell that means. 🙂 I also think when it comes to relationships, the more we can see what we have in common versus not have in common makes better human connections. Too often we only see the surface stuff in a person and make biases and judgements based on that.

    1. So true sometimes it is hard to relate until you realize to speak a common language of experience.

      Any way that you make a connection with someone is a good thing. It is so cool to hear PF language and that is one of the things that I like the support of the community.

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