Weekly Pain & Gain: Food at Home

I am off enjoying a vacation at my in laws and visiting with a bunch of family. But last week before the trip these were my thoughts.


You would think that I have all the time in the world now a days to just put my head down and be super productive. However, I’ve realized that since I stopped working I have really gotten behind on my consumption of financial articles. And podcasts.

I’ve taken note that it’s easier to ” interact ” on twitter because it just takes a few minutes. Much less time than actually writing up a blog post or reading one and leaving a meaningful comment.

I’ve even fallen off of podcast. At work I could just put one on while I worked but that doesn’t seem to be the case here at home.

I’ve tried but not all podcasts are family appropriate. For example martinis and your money. I enjoy listening to it but its not family friendly I mean they give up Santa and there is profanity. Like I said I enjoy it but I can’t do it at home.

So I’ve had to take a good look at my days and really asses where I can fit in my pf reading and my personal blog writing.  Of course now I’ll be off to a vacation until after new years and so I’ll have to get back to it after that.


We didn’t go out to eat at all this week!

That’s super thumbs up for me. It means we are starting to get back into our normal routine.

You see we did a lot of damage during our move and ended up eating out so much for a whole week. The result was planning to eat out twice a week after the move. Once on the weekday and once on the weekend to cut back from the bad habit we got into due to our move. That’s right twice a week was cutting back.


But this week we made it the whole week with out going out to eat. And I rather prefer it that way.

In the end there are really so many reasons why eating at home is better.

Mr. Roamer and I enjoy cooking and eating at home gives us complete control over what we put in our bodies. It allows us to include vegetables and manage the flavor profiles of dishes.

How are your weeks going?

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Pain & Gain: Food at Home”

  1. This week is much better than the last few, thankfully. Going home for Christmas stopped being fun a while ago, and this year was extra stressful.

    I’ve noticed the same that it is easier to interact on Twitter and it took a while to find that balance between what makes sense on Twitter and when to make real time for a blog post. I hope it settles down for you too!

    1. yup balance.. that is what I need to figure out. While on vacation I thought I could focus more on writing with help from the in-laws with the kids but there was still so much to do. plus no internet. but yeah I have written down a schedule that I hope will help with balancing easy interacting with meaningful contributions.

  2. We’ve got a move (and new baby) coming up in March. I am already starting to feel the stress 😉 I believe we’ll end up eating out a lot as it will likely be very busy and chaotic in our house for a little while. I am thinking about saving some extra cash now and making a small budget for this part of the move. Is this something you did?

    1. Congrats on the big life events. BABY!!! yay!
      Yup we always had lots of wiggle room in our budget so I just thought well just purchase food out as we need to and the cost will be absorbed by the lack of grocery shopping and the extra funds. And to be fair it didn’t set us back it completely fit into the month spending it was more after the fact when I tallied stuff together that I couldn’t believe how many times and how much we spent.

      My advice don’t rule out pb&js for lunch and oatmeal for breakfast. both don’t require a working fridge which was my excuse for needing to eat out during the move.

  3. Its ironic that eating out is so appealing, yet after doing so, theres always the feeling of regret. The cost isn’t worth it (moneywise and healthwise) and the food is almost always subpar. Home cooked is where its at, we just need to up the creativity!

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