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Starting on 2015 goals, Tackling Blog Monetization

Time to test the waters!

As my 2015 goal state I want to make my blog able to sustain itself. I think it would be great if I can get it to pay for itself.

Traveling Wallet Goals

In that respect I’m finally jumping into the world of AdSense. As some of you may have noticed I have an ad on my side bar.

I’m excited! I’ve always wanted to start my own business but I’ve never really made the time to cultivate a passion. Starting this blog has been a nice jolt in waking up my brain and I’ve been learning so much.

Monetizing is just another step on the ladder.

Recently I just signed up for an AdSense account and now I need to figure out how all that works.

You’ll see some ads hanging around. I will probably move them around testing their functionality.

I hope to learn quickly and move into affiliates. I think this path would be better as I could focus on products I actually use and enjoy.

Today I clicked around trying to figure out how to block categories that were not pertinent. Get rich quick anybody??? hmm nope. Dating probably not. Clicking and un-clicking categories so far has been fun.

I am a little disappointing also though because I haven’t had a chance to really dig into it and so I haven’t been able to block all the ads that are just not useful or aligned to this sites values. For example I keep seeing a link for “is he cheating on you?” NO! I don’t want an ad about that shiizah. So please bare with me as I take on this learning curve.

For me this is also a way for me to explore the world of the side hustle. As well as the  multiple income stream world.

Now to pick your brain!

How about you? have you monetized your blog? How long did it take you to learn how to implement? What do you feel are the best and worst things?


8 thoughts on “Starting on 2015 goals, Tackling Blog Monetization”

  1. I still am not very good at affiliate ads to be honest. I make very little from it. But I do make quite a bit from sponsored posts. There are a couple things you need to set up for yourself to get going with that…and then when I did that, advertisers started coming to me. Email me and I can help a little with that!

  2. I also use Adsense on my sites, but it’s ‘slow’, since the traffic needs to pick up more speed. I am also looking into affiliate advertising, hope to make it work. Sponsored posts were my biggest earners so far, hope to secure some more deals this year.

    Anyway .. keeping fingers crossed 😉

    1. Yes it does seem traffic is vital part of the equation with AdSense.

      I had to look up sponsored post as I didn’t really know what that entailed.

  3. Great job ! Keep working on it. Pretty sure you will get the hang of it one day. Putting ads on your blog is a sure way to bring in some extra money, even if it is little, it will help.

    Fight On!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Its a slow process right now but I am learning.

      The initial investment has been low. Paying for the hosting so that’s my first goal to recoup the cost.

  4. My blog has been only monetized for 3 weeks and I have made….wait for it…..$2.86 from Adsense. Trust me I really don’t know what I am doing, I’m just trying to get my feet wet. I would get with Tonya since she offered to help for she has been blogging for a while. Good luck.

    1. Thank for stopping by.

      Hahha you are doing way better then me… I think I just initiated it about 2 weeks ago as well.

      Yes I do need to get in touch with Tonya! She is so nice to offer to help.

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