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Extra Income Challenge Wrap Up

Last month I visited money manifesto, he had posted a throw down which I though was a great idea. So I took the extra income challenge.

Here is my pledge

The Pledge

I, The Roamer, accept the extra income challenge. I challenge myself to make an extra $100 of income this month. I plan to make this income through a yard sale where I get rid of unneeded items.I will also be registering to UBER to provide lifts. I will report my progress next month on the next Extra Income Challenge update.

And challenge it was.

I’ll just start with the punchline. I failed. Oh man did I fail.  Now let’s get to the details.

The Yard Sale

My yard sale was actually a community sale hosted by my son’s  elementary. There was a buy in cost (-$20), first drawback. I also logically expected there to be stiff competition. I mean more vendors potentially selling the same style items mean more competition right? Second drawback. But I also figure it would be heavily advertised and it would be quite a bustling scene.

I was extremely optimistic. I though I would sell at least $70. Which would mean netting $50 and covering the space.

I expected to much. There was indeed right next to me a lady with a mountain of toys. I was also trying to sell my kids unused toys. But the worst of it. NO SHOPPERS!

The school has a parking lot on a main st and a parking lot on a side less busy st. We were set up in the less busy st. For safety reasons and available areas to park it made sense. But there was/is no real drive by traffic. I swear the people buying where the people a few stalls down selling.

It was not good. I severely over estimated how much it was advertised. I was considering putting up a post on craigslist but got lazy and never did. Lesson learned.

For 4 hrs of work we netted about $23( So $43 but subtracted the 20 for the space). $10 of which my son got to keep for being a trooper and actually working to sell some toys.  So it was pretty much a fail.

My take away.

  • Don’t assume they will advertise.
  • If you are paying for a space make sure you can cover the cost.
  • Post ads everywhere, Tell everyone. Invite your friends neighbors and strangers.
  • Silver lining, good learning experience for my son.
  •  I honestly feel I would have made more if I was selling Candy…hey I’m just sayin’
  • My husband said head gladly pay me $13 to never have to do it again , HAHA ( I have to laugh to keep from crying)


I have to say I was pretty excited about adding some side hustle income into my daily tasks. I had seen some ads on craigslist for drivers a few weeks before and I was happy to have an excuse to pitch it to the Mr.

Unfortunately I should have done more HW. Uber was another bust. I had heard that you needed to have a new car. OK check. Drivers license, insurance, I live in an area where there is a lot of tourists and it seemed like it was going to be easy money.

However that was not the case. Though our car fleet is as MMM would say off the HOOK. Way fancier then anything he drives ( in the newness department) Apparently they were not good enough. We own a 2011 Toyota Corolla, and a 2013 Honda Civic. Come on those are some new rides. But No NO!  They are “compact” cars .

You need to have mid-sized cars to sign up. I didn’t know it had to be a specific size. Mid size car? No check.

Well there you have it.

November GOAL $100

November ACTUAL $13 (minus $10 for my son)

So if you have any advice on how to sell unused items I’d appreciate it. I still have some items to unload. Nice toys mind you and baby clothes. Any Advice I would be so grateful.

Comment Below with your success or horror stories of side hustles.


5 thoughts on “Extra Income Challenge Wrap Up”

  1. Sorry to hear about the side hustles this month. I thought about uber but I’d be in the same position and I don’t have backseat doors and I think that’s a requirement. Perhaps set up your own version of uber. Put out a notice to friends that instead of them calling uber this month, call you and you will give them a discount. Lots of people need rides to the airport this time of year. Craigslist is hit or miss and I’m having trouble myself selling some stuff. Another suggestion is asking friends if they need help with holiday parties this month and/or if anyone needs help with cleaning. I do that when I need a little extra income.

    1. Thanks so much that is some great advice.
      You are so right about rides to the airport this time of year and cleaning.

      I’ll have to look into that. I really need to jump back on the horse with Craig’s list people are buying stuff this month so I really should take advantage.

  2. You could sign up with Lyft instead of Uber. I have a 2008 Matrix and it qualified with them. I keep stalling on the final interview/test drive, but otherwise, the whole set up was super easy to do.

    Good luck with your hustling! If you keep an eye on Craigslist gig’s sometimes there are writing opportunities or things like opinion panels you can do to pick up a few dollars.

    1. Mel thanks so much for stopping by.

      And thats is some great advice. I have only heard of Lyft in passing but I will be sure to check it out.

      If you don’t mind how do you filter opportunities on Craigslist. Do you need to be out in person for panels?

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