Capsule 8: Spring & 2 years of capsule wardrobes

I first started my capsule wardrobe experiment back in July 2015. I had no idea it would last this long. Today I wrap up 2 years of living with capsule wardrobes. All just 3 months at a time.

When I started I didn’t commit myself to doing it forever, but it has been such a good experience that I have kept going.

Spring 2017 was the final chapter of year 2. My 8th capsule. Here is what I picked out and wore.

My Wardrobe line up

Last year, spring (2016) was my most difficult capsule. It was all the left over clothes that still needed to be “tested out”. It was a complete color explosion, with no rhyme or reason.  But, I survived it. This time I made an attempt to put together items that I thought would work together.

I didn’t pick a specific color scheme but the base is gray.

Here are some of the looks I created with this capsule. The rest are under the 10 x 10 challenge. I have to admit,  I “cheated” and pulled out my polka dot dress in the middle of the capsule. Mr. Roamer and I had a very fancy dinner and I didn’t feel like anything in my wardrobe was dressy enough. I understand why it’s a great idea to have a curated special occasions capsule.

Mini retirement practice

This year my goal was to get my clothes to fit into 1 bin and 1 backpack. The backpack part of it was, that I needed and wanted to figure out how to dress myself for 2 months with just what fits in a backpack.

That is why I chose to do 10 x 10 challenge twice. I can’t explain how happy I am to have discovered the 10 x 10 challenge. It has really forced me to push my limits.

In my first 10 x 10, my favorite discovery was outfit 9. Pairing a nice fancy skirt with a t-shirt. A weird concept, but I really liked the look. It was the perfect mix of casual and dressed up.

The real ah-ha moments came in my second 10 x 10.

Specifically looks 5, 8, 10. In look 5, I extended the usefulness of my shorts by wearing them with tights when the weather turned cold. In look 8 I figured out how to tuck my dress to turn it  into a skirt. It opened up so many possibilities. Then in look 10, I tested out a men’s button down as a skirt.

Figuring out how to make my clothes perform in other ways was amazing! It opens up a limited wardrobe to do so much more when traveling.

Clothing Count

This is the end of year 2 so it’s time for some cold hard numbers. My count doesn’t include: my underwear, socks, scarfs, hats, gloves but it does include my lounge and workout clothes. In this last capsule I didn’t donate anything.

I didn’t meet my goal of getting my clothes down to 1 bin and 1 backpack. I still have 2 bins.

I’m disappointed and I’ve hit a wall. I feel like if I get rid of any more I wont have enough. Even though I know that is not true. The count also includes work clothes that I haven’t even touched since my layoff. I plan to go back to work and will continue to keep it. I don’t want to, but I will.

To be fair it’s not a straight comparison. In this count I included my coats which I did not include before.
My piles of clothing. From round one on the capsule wardrobe challenge
My entire wardrobe including all capsules as of July 2017

While I still have way to many tops I was starting to feel in need of jeans. I had 1 pair that was falling apart and 1 pair that was too tight.

I was in the market for jeans but I didn’t buy any. Mr. Roamer also purged his wardrobe and I was able to pick up a pair of jeans from his cast offs.

With my mom’s sewing machine I made some adjustments for them to fit. All in all I have been doing more sewing & fixing. Adjusting things that don’t fit quite right: jeans,dresses, adding buttons and sewing up holes.

What would you do with $4,800?

During my 6th capsule review I went online to investigate how much is spent on clothing monthly. I came up with 2 numbers $100 a month and $400 a month. Of course there are people who fall way way above that and people who fall below. But I went with those numbers and calculated how much money I was saving if I were to spend those amounts.

At $100 to $400 a month

  • After 6 months I saved $600 or $2,400
  • After 9 months I saved $900 or $3,600
  • After 12 months I saved $ 1,200 and up to $4,800

It’s amazing to think that most people can’t handle a $1000 emergency. In 1 year you could have enough for an emergency. If you save $100 by just using the plentiful clothes in your wardrobe.  If you are spending $400 a month or more, in a year, you would have at least $4,800. That is just amazing! What would you do with $4,800?

I would save $1000 to handle an emergency and have  $3,800 left over. That would pay for family travel. Flights for a family of four, twice a year from California to Michigan.  Or SIX, $600 road trips.

With our up and coming mini retirement I am glad to know that those funds are available for more family adventures.

The best part is no shopping ban is required. No feelings of deprivation! Instead you can just make a commitment to try every item of clothes in your closet. If you have a closet full of stuff like I did you will have enough items to keep things interesting for a whole year.

I never said I wasn’t going to buy anything for a year.  But I’ll keep the money I’ve saved.

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe? Or done a 10×10 challenge? Would you like to try it out? Let me know in the comments below.


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