Break the Mold (Family, World and Riches)

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This Blog is about money ¬†and its relationship(role) to Parenthood, Travel and Early Retirement. (See tag line ūüėČ )

I’m here to talk about my journey in working to optimize these 3 areas.¬†Currently we (spouse and I ) are working parents.¬†My current goals in life are to spend more time with my family( i.e. kids) and still save enough money to Travel and reach Early Retirement. But ¬†the first thing is ¬†to get rid of all my/our debt.


– Destroy Debt!

– Actually raise our children

-Travel (1-2 trips a year any combination of  in state, out of state, and international)

-Early Retirement (as in 50 or younger shooting for 45)

So lets talk about why savvy spending and savvy saving are the best way to see the world while working toward other goals. I mean I ¬†don’t know what can be more fulfilling than becoming financially independent (early retiree) while also having a chance to taste life with all its cultures,customs, people and dishes and have the people you love most along for the ride. I also want to help you get there, whatever your goals maybe. Life and trips are always better with friends so I hope to see you again.

– The Roamer

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