A love for Reading: Introducing the reading list

When I was young I loved the library, we went often. We would kill hrs there weekly. I got to know the layout really well.  I knew where all the math books were and the music books. I knew the kids section, teen. I knew exactly where to find  Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen king and Mary Higgins Clark. I searched for time travel books and read entire series ( Animorphs and A Wrinkle in Time). It was amazing, I loved it.

Somewhere along the way I was given a sheet to track all the books I was reading. I liked that too, it was great to go back to it. I still have it.

A year or 2 ago it made me sad to think I hadn’t read in so long( not counting curious George or other children’s books) but I realized I had been reading. It was just in smaller snippets, I had been reading posts online. So in that spirit I thought my blog is a great place to build my new list. It will taunt me and encourage me to pick up a book and carve at least a few hrs a month to read for myself. It might also inspire you and give you some good books ( or blogs)to check out.

Knowledge  really is power


  BiggerPockets (real estate blog)
  MrMoneyMustache (blog)


    Janet Lansbury (blog, check out my review)


 Steal like an artist (book) 7/14

* I will try my best to keep it useful
** excited to be bringing reading higher up on my to do list

Do you have any recommendation? What was your favorite book?

2 thoughts on “A love for Reading: Introducing the reading list”

    1. Thanks Financial Samurai
      I’ll remember that if I start getting back pain. Bound to happen picking up little ones and carrying them around.

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