5 Scholarships To Fund Your Study Abroad Term

I’ve wanted to travel the world for a long time. Now, I am finally taking steps to make that a reality. I am very excited about next year’s 3 month adventure. But I remember when I was in high school and learned about this wonderful thing.

Study Abroad.

A speaker came to my high school, and informed me that I could go to school, work on my degree. Then a year or two later, take time to go to a different country and visit, all while continuing to work on my degree. Say what? That is amazing! I was sold! And I have to admit that it was one of the main reasons why I wanted to go to university.

But life happened, and I never got the chance to live out that dream. So I never research how to even fund it.

Still, travel and the lure of exploring other cultures never left me. Now I’m here with 2 kids and a husband planning an international trip.

Still I know there are lots of people out there who still have a chance to study abroad. So today we have a guest post from Andrew of ScholarshipFly.com. Andrew’s site is a great resource for anyone wanting or needing scholarship information. Study abroad or just normal school funding.

Top Study Abroad Scholarships

By: Andrew

If you have ever wanted to travel the world and study other cultures, a study abroad scholarship may be the right choice for you. Not only will you earn college credit and get to explore other countries, but your entire trip will be paid for. On top of this, study abroad scholarships offer an array of benefits that are not limited to credit and funding.

One of the main benefits of this type of scholarship is that you can experience different cultures. You will be able to learn more about the country’s food, style, and festivities. Next, you will be able to meet new people and make new friends from across the world.

After wards, you will be able to keep in touch with them and continue to learn about their culture even though you are thousands of miles away. It is a great way to learn through experience as well as gain a little bit of culture.

Lastly, you will have international work experience which is a unique and beneficial resume-builder. If you are lucky, you will even remember the language down the road. There are plenty of scholarships for international students out there, but here are a couple of the more well-known opportunities.

5 Study Abroad Scholarships to Consider

If you are searching for a study abroad scholarship, you can check with your financial aid counselor and school to find out if they offer any. Some schools do and you may be able to participate in the study abroad program. Below, you will find five different study abroad scholarships to help get you started.

  1. David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships

The National Security Education Program is offered under the David. L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships. This program is offered to undergraduate students and is awarded in the amount of $2,500 to $20,000. Students must submit an online application, which requires two letters of recommendation and two essays. The main goal of the scholarship is to reward students who want to study abroad in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Caribbean, and Central Europe. Students must make a commitment to work for the federal government after graduation.

  1. CIEE International Study Program Scholarship

The CIEE International Study Program Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate a financial need and academic excellence. Applicants are required to be from one of the listed Academic Consortium institutions. Once you submit your application online, it will be reviewed by a panel who will also evaluate your personal essay and recommendations. Students can be awarded $1,500 to $2,000.

  1. USAC Scholarship

The USAC awards over one million dollars in scholarship per year to help students who want to travel abroad and study. The program itself has many different scholarships available that students can apply to. Some of the scholarships offered include the first-generation scholarship, regional scholarships, explorer scholarship, and military experience scholarship. It is important to note that the scholarship does require that the money is used on a specific program or focus. The amount of the award varies based on the scholarship you apply for.

  1. Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship was created to award students who want to be artists and have a passion to travel and engage them in study, growth, and exploration. One of the requirements of the scholarship is that the student cannot be currently enrolled in a degree program and they must live within New York or Minnesota. Students are awarded up to $5,000 and can complete the application online.

  1. Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship

Tortuga sells backpacks, so therefore, they appear to have an investment and interest in traveling which translates directly to study abroad. This scholarship is available to any full-time undergraduate that has been accepted into a study abroad program at his or her university. The application is simple. You fill out an application online along with a 500-word essay submission. If you qualify, then you can earn $1,000 towards study abroad as well as a Tortuga-brand backpack for the trip.

Final Thoughts on Study Abroad Scholarships

There are many different study abroad scholarships that you can apply for in addition to this listing. Checking online resources is the first place to start with these opportunities. It is important to look for study abroad scholarships that meet your needs or are within your desired niche. If you can find a niche, then you can increase your chances of success.

As mentioned earlier, there are many benefits to studying abroad. The best aspect is experiencing diversity while continuing your education. At the end of the day, this is one of the best ways to fund you’re a trip out of the country. If you have a strong desire to see the world, then this may be one of the first and best opportunities to do so!

Andrew is a content manager and freelance writer who recently got involved with a new project: ScholarshipFly. Part of his inspiration comes from student loan debt which he accumulated throughout college without paying attention to scholarship opportunities. Now he wants to make sure others don’t make the same mistake!

Did you ever want to study abroad? Have you studied abroad? How did you pay for it? share in comments below.

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