2014 Goals Reviewed

How did I do with my 2014 goals?

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Goals Before 2014 Started
Traveling wallet
paper reminder barely surviving a year of annotations

I am going to break them down. But the 3 major ones I am going to post on individually. Which ones are the 3 major ones? Well the ones that pertain to this site more specifically.

Relationships (Parenthood and family time), Travel, and Finances. I want to go into more detail for these 3 areas so I will post on them individually. My Finances will reveal our net worth for the first time(WHAT?) So stay tuned.  Now lets cover all my other goals.



FAIL! yes I did not really make an effort to get these done. That is why you see them up again on my 2015 goals. But lets break it down anyways. First off 2 out of 3 are not smart goals. They are too vague. Next 2 of them are really just one the first 2 are really one goal check out 4 different religions. Well how did I do? We went to a Buddhist temple but only made it 3 times.  4 churches 4 times equals 16 we only went 3 times, So that means it was 18% complete. Meh.

The journal writing is vague and therefore harder to “Quantify”.  Was I talking nightly? Unless writing these blog posts count as journal entries then I didn’t do so hot. However, when I put my son to sleep I do like to ask him what he is thankful for and a lot of times he will turn around and ask me right back. Do I get any partial credit?

All in all this could use some more attention.



I think I did pretty good in this area.

Mr. and I ran 1 mud run this year which was over 5K. However we did not just wake up and run it the day of, we did train regularly which really was the whole point, to exercise regularly. BUT.. we didn’t keep it up. So only 50% complete.

Dancing does burn calories plus it makes me happy, as in relieves stress, so I wanted to be more active in doing it.  I only did 6 months so 50% for this goal as well. But this one was more concentrated in the last 6 months. Hey maybe I was just switching up my exercises. Running first half and dancing the second. Am I trying to make myself feel better? Maybe?

I also wanted to take 1 class with Mr. Roamer. We ended up taking 2 yoga classes and also 2 cooking classes which focused on healthy cooking. ( They were all about the no gluten stuff). So I say we did 100%+ on this one.

If you average it all out that means Health got a 66% completion rate. Okay.



I have 2 motivators for having language as a goal.

  • First I want to make sure that my children keep their heritage alive and language is a big component of that
  • Second I have a life time goal of becoming fluent in 5 languages( I’m starting off easy but I hope that number will be bigger)

I’m super happy to report that I was 100% successful in completing these  Goals. Though I’ll admit I did go easy on myself.  The Spanish goal has been easier to accomplish because now that my son is enrolled in a dual immersion school I get to read his homework instructions in Spanish almost daily. Still the goal was to read some books which we also did this year. Kids books count Right?!

Quick history: I took Mandarin Chinese in University but I haven’t been actively practicing since 2010 so I’ve forgotten quite a bit. So I’m not starting from scratch but I’m not just counting items I already had memorized either. I know that what I really want is to speak Chinese, you know pronunciation and stuff, but I also want to be able to read it.  I have a CD that I use to practice listening so the focus this year was writing. I was able to reach my goal of learning how to write 24 character (properly). Total I know how to write 35 characters (actually words). YEAH!

I tried to write phrases up top then gave up and just jotted down the characters.
I tried to write phrases up top then gave up and just jotted down the characters.


This section has a mix of SMART goals and oh so broad goals. Since this section is one of the big 3 I am working on an individual post where I can go into more detail. ( you wouldn’t want this post to get ridiculously long would you?)


We killed it on the financial front and I am working on a post that will talk about all these goals as well as reveal our net worth! Some exciting stuff if I do say so myself.


Work and Financial goals were so on top of each other I couldn’t separate sections


My work goal would also classify as a non SMART goal.  Did I invest in certification. No I did not. However my company did allow me to participate in a LEAN Summit which allowed me to make some contacts and even gave me the opportunity to go work with a different company temporarily. This goal was really about getting out of my work funk and start growing again. Though I did not get a certification. I did get out of my funk and I was able to learn through the experiences I mentioned. I’m going to go a head and give myself credit for improving my work situation.  What do you think since it was a bit vague anyways can I give myself 100% credit?

What didn’t you see here?


It’s not even in my goals but  don’t worry I am working on a post for that too.

So how did you do in 2014. Did you set goals? what was your success rate?

6 thoughts on “2014 Goals Reviewed”

  1. I love that you have a goal of learning 5 languages in a lifetime. I’d be happy to learn just one other language besides english. I love French and learned a few words before I traveled there once. To me it’s such a pretty language. You guys can sign up for the mud run with me in March if you like! 🙂 Good luck with everything in 2015!

    1. My sister speaks French. Actually her boyfriend does too. If we meet up again and my sister comes you can practice with her. About all I know in French is greetings and the days of the week. Hahaha.

  2. It seemed like you were able to do quite a handful on your list. It sure is effective to keep a hard copy of your yearly goals and check it every now and then. It keeps you on track.

    How do you remember your goals? Most people tend to forget their list by the middle of the year. Do you post your goals on the fridge or somewhere visible?

  3. In 2014 I didn’t expect to do too much stuff business wise, since our daughter was born. She was actually the ‘goal’ and everything relating to her well being. I can say we smashed this goal and we’re doing OK even with our businesses.

    1. Congrats on your little girl! That is so exciting. That sounds like a great goal being intentional about parenting and your daughter. Most people just assume it comes naturally( being a good parent) so its always nice to hear when people are purposeful.
      Its great to hear that your business also did well.

      Thanks for stopping by dojo!

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