Weekly Pain & Gain: A little bit of everything


Lots of waste this week. We didn’t really follow our food menu and we ended up with lots of spoiled food. I know this is something most American households struggle with and I guess we aren’t the exception.

It’s really disappointing to me. I know some weeks we do really well and other are so bad. It’s something I am trying to improve by buying less food.

We are still learning but its still chafes me to throw food out. Some people say its better to be safe then sorry and I agree but the question shouldn’t be well what’s more costly a doctors appointment or a head of lettuce. It just shouldn’t get to that point period.


This past week we hosted my mother in-law at our place.  This was a win win situation for both of us. She didn’t have to worry about renting a car or a room, and because she was right here she generously watched the kids ( who are early risers ) so that we could get extra rest. 🙂

It’s really great to be able to offer our visitors somewhere to stay because they usually offer us the same thing when we visit family in Michigan. But don’t miss understand me, I don’t have a very big place, actually we live in a 900+ sq ft, 2 bedroom apartment and like I have said before we are a family of 4. Still it’s no trouble to host someone for a week 3-4 times a year. It’s very doable.

Speaking about Michigan we have purchased our plane ticket and so its official that we will be taking a nice vacation out there for the winter holidays. It’s not the cheapest time to fly but family there have standing tradition of all gathering together. Which means we would miss seeing a lot of people if we traveled at a different time. We highly value this family time so its not really an issue about spending dollars there. Still we try to optimize on the cost so we will be traveling on specific days which are cheaper. But that is another post for another time.

Another great thing about having my mother in law stay with us was that I was able to get one volunteer day in. Last year it was a real struggle to go out and help since I have Minnie Roamer. I want to help, not distract the kids with my little girl. So my mother in law watched Minnie and I was able to go help in Jr’s class. Parents want to give their kids the best chance of success and they buy all these things but I believe volunteering and being an active parent will go much farther.

Lots of good things. I could name a few more but I’ll call it good.

Capsule Completion

Its the last week of the 3 month capsule wardrobe challenge. Well I made it the 3 months and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything really.

I did have some clothes I hadn’t worn so I’m sure I could work with less. I finally did ware most of it before the 3 months were over.

So here are the last looks.

Outfit #17

Outfit #19

My outfit to help out at school
My outfit to help out at school

Outfit #21

Why so many outfits this week. Well like I said earlier I had company. So I couldn’t be in my lounge ware all day every day.

How was last week? Do you also struggle with food waste?






2 thoughts on “Weekly Pain & Gain: A little bit of everything”

  1. I love it when my mom comes to visit because she cooks for us. And my MIL in the guest house shares whenever she cooks too.

    I’ve mainly been sticking to a diet, so no food waste on my part. My husband bought a couple of things he didn’t finish, but by and large nothing actually went to waste. So I’ll count that as a win.

    1. Yes it’s so great to have the help of family once in a while.
      Congrats on no food waste that is a big win
      Specially compared to most Americans.
      This is a work in progress for us

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