Weekly Pain & Gain: Family and a Finger

Another weeks come and gone. Let’s see what happened over at the Roamer household.


This pain is brought to you by none other then my life oppressing job. I was suffering from pangs of anxiety for sure.

You see I had a meeting with a client towards the end of the week, and to say that I wasn’t fully prepared would be an understatement. Usually the team puts everything together by Monday but this was my 1st time and I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Not only that other departments hadn’t prepared early either but  I got focused and found the people to tap to get my answers . Could I have prepared sooner and avoided all the stress? Maybe. But that’s not the point!….

I just kept thinking can I quit now… This sucks… Pretty much complaining. But I survived. Phew.

This past week was actually rife with pains. Why? Well I also had headaches on Friday and Saturday. Which is not a common occurrence. The worst part was they were so bad I had to take ibuprofen. Which for me is a Big deal! Normally I am of the mindset mind over matter. I always try to manage pain by natural means like drinking more water but also a good dose of mind power (will power + breathing). But I guess mind power doesn’t work so great when its your head that is hurting.

In the end I had to use medicine. 🙁


Finally last week at the beach Mr. Roamer hurt his finger but wasn’t too worried about it. Okay fine. Well its still swollen and I’m getting worried which in turn shook Mr Roamers resolve so he will be attending an urgent care today.


Even with all those pains this past week wasn’t all bad. We had lots of great gains to celebrate.

This past week we had the pleasure of having Mr. Roamers family visit us from Michigan. They helped watch the kids which gave me some time to work on some writing. But it also gave us a chance to go on a date. Mr. Roamer cooked dinner at home several nights but the in laws also treated us to some food. 🙂 Suffice to say we missed a whole week of food shopping and decided to see if we could make it to the weekend using what we still had in the freezer and cupboard. And we did, though we felt strained for ingredients. This Sat we did go on our regular shopping trip. But I am being continually surprise by our grocery bill it seems to keep dropping. I’ll have to write up a post on that analysis.

Also remember last weeks Craigslist catastrophe?( catastrophe might be a slight exaggeration. 🙂  ) Did I sell my origami paper cranes?

Yes even though we had yet another round of miscommunication we finally met up. I sold 3 paper crane curtains and 243 loose cranes, that I had used to decorate for my wedding. Does that mean I should go back and reduce the cost for my wedding even further? Nah.

Weekend wanderings Traveling Wallet

I know I gave them for a great deal since I see some much more simple items retailing for so much more on etsy. But those are new and made to order. Mines where used and what was lying around. So I made $35. The funny thing is that I have had 2 people make order requests… I’m not sure what to do with that… Should I pursue it. It’s side hustle but I need to make sure the numbers make sense. Not to mention time commitment.

Capsule update

When I started this capsule challenge I also brainstormed some thoughts on capsule dressing. One of them was that successful capsules require the user to learn to mix and match.

So something I realized when you capsule is that you need to break out of any set mentality. As in sometimes when I wore a specific skirt I always wore the same shirt with it. It became a set. And I use to get stuck in this cycle. Sometimes ,this caused me to ignore certain articles of clothing because I didn’t want to wear the other item in the set.

Roamer capsule

Maybe I’m the only one this happens too.

However when you capsule it actively challenges you to find out how many different combination can you make with this one article of clothing. The more the better. The more the more versatile that one article of clothing. That can be a huge win in capsule dressing.

Now when I created my capsule I didn’t do a clear mathematical analysis of how many different combinations I could make with each item but I did do a quick check.

“Oh hey I can wear this shirt with that pair of pants, that skirt , those 2 shorts. Ok seems good.” And so on.

Roamer capsule

This has been really great because like I said I suffered from set mentality. I keep thinking I’m cured until I come across a shirt that I always wear with a specific  pair of pants and then I have to ask myself, “Ok, What else could I wear with this?”

And that’s my favorite part. Anything that prompts you to ask questions and challenge the norm is a good thing.

You could even apply it to your finances 😉

How did your past week go? What pain or gain did you encounter? Did you make any side hustle money?







4 thoughts on “Weekly Pain & Gain: Family and a Finger”

  1. Last week sucked. We had three different ER visits for my husband, one of which resulted in an overnight hospitalization. And now he’s grumpy because they found ulcers and he’s not allowed any spicy food. Or much fruit juice. Or much red meat. Sigh.

    I was very happy for it to be this week. Comparatively, it’s very quiet. The main thing left is to follow up with a gastroenterologist. Well, other than the myriad other doctors he’s already seeing.

    I’m very much looking forward to getting away from everything for a week in September. Yay FinCon!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband Abigail. I don’t know anything about ulcers but I hope he gets better soon.

      I am nervous about FinCon still need to find a roommate.

  2. I like the pain and gain categories. We do something like this after doing a fun activity…we usually discuss 2 highlights and 1 lowlight! It’s kind of fun.
    We had a good week, lot of family visits and time in the park and pool but I definitely got behind on work (still worth it!)

    1. It’s great that you got to spend so much time with the family. We are trying are best to milk the summer for all its worth.

      I’m glad you still felt it was worth it. That’s the most important thing.

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