Tis the season of Hit and Runs

Ah life just when you feel its going so well something happens to bring you back down to earth.

This happened on Saturday evening. Mr. Roamer had ran out to get us a late night snack.* I remember thinking he was taking too long.

Just imagine you are busy typing away on your computer. When you hear that your husband(wife) was just in a car accident.

This is what happened to me. It had happened right around the corner. I literally ran out the door heart racing… Is he alive? While simultaneously calling his phone.

I turned the corner multiple cop cars there,I was searching for his car, searching for him.

I was still running when I finally saw him. I ran until I reached him, We met with a huge hug of relief.

He was shaken, So was I.

No more front bumper
No more front bumper

After checking that he was alright I learned that Mr Roamer was involved in a hit and run. Making a simple right turn on green. The other car ran a red hit him and another car.

Luckily everyone was alright.

Though I was really freaking out during my run as soon as I saw he was alright my mind turned to the problem at hand.

The Mr. slightly injured, major damage on the car and no one to take responsibility. What was our coverage going to do? What was our deductible? How does a deductible work anyway? Is there a max to how much the insurance will contribute for the repairs? Is the car even worth repairing? Do we get screwed if the cops don’t catch the party responsible? Dammit we just paid this off.

I kid you not. All this and more ran through my head. So I started asking the cop some questions.

We will be spending our days off this holiday with an Appraiser and an Adjuster. Losing out on $1000 at some point through out this whole process on our just paid off 2013 Honda Civic.  Oh whoopee.

Traveling wallet car damage

So now I will go into my Rant mode.

Why is it that the time of the year where we are all suppose to be spending more time with family is also the time of year when people think drinking is some sort of a competitive sport.

The cops and all the witnesses seemed to agree the hit and run was the due to a drunk driver.

Come on people. Is your beer, wine, shot of whisky any of it so important it is worth someone else’s life? We were fortunate to be safe but that is not the case for everyone. There are sad ending like thrifty peach’s account.

The sad part is most people are guilty of doing it. Being careless while drinking (or after drinking)

I just had one. I’ll be fine to drive. How about you have none if you know you have to drive later. Call me crazy that I think people should er on the side of caution. Better too safe than not safe enough.

Do you have family member who drink please send them this post. Send them any post that illustrates how these actions affect other people.

Or if you are living paycheck to paycheck realize that life doesn’t just happen to everyone else. Unfortunately we will all be dealt a bad had in our life and being prepared makes a big difference. Covering costs during an emergency is the last thing you want to think about. So think about it now. Build a safety fund and make sure you get it up to $1000.

What can I say sometimes I really feel like life sucks! Good thing start to happen and then I feel like life just always wants to knock me down a peg.

Was this a major financial set back for us? probably not. Huge F-ing disappointment? Completely. Life Scare? Indeed.

Are you being careful this Holiday season? If you are planning to drink what precautions are you taking to make sure you aren’t that person?

**Please come back on Wednesday to read the post I initially had planned for today, my 2015 goals and good goal planning.


6 thoughts on “Tis the season of Hit and Runs”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that! 🙁 I know most people probably say “well at least no one was hurt” but it still sucks to have to be dealing with insurance, out of pocket costs, repairs and/or new cars. 🙁 There was just a major drunk driving case up near me. A lady plowed into a group of people leaving church and killed 4 people, including a mom and her 4-year-old son. In one moment life can change. On another note, the same goes for texting and driving. It’s just not worth it!

    1. I agree he’s alive and that’s what really matters.

      Life really can change in the blink of an eye

      Texting and driving is also really bad. I think curtailing that problem will be even more difficult.

    1. Your story weighed heavy on my chest as I read it and people need to know that this is real life and that can happen to anyone. Thanks for your concerned I am not holding my breath on finding them. I just wanted people to know how serious it can be and your story illustrated that. Thank you for sharing it.

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