Capsule 5: Summer, No purchase necessary


Its spring of 2017 and I am currently living in capsule number 8 and getting ready to close up year 2 of dressing with a capsule. I am 3 capsule wardrobes behind. Here is capsule number 5.

I am planning to keep these updates short and simple. This isn’t a fashion blog  so I don’t want to have 3 capsule posts in 3 weeks. I am rolling out 1 a month and in June we should be all up to date.

My goal in year 2 ( capsule 5-8) was to get all my clothes to fit into 1 bin and 1 back pack.

When I just started out, my goal for year one of my capsule was to test out the majority of my wardrobe. I had lots of clothes I wasn’t wearing, but I couldn’t tell you why. So I decided that instead of just dumping everything into the donate box I would give each item a chance. To figure out why I wasn’t wearing it. Did it not fit right? Was it nice to look at but itchy to wear? or did it just not suit my mom life style? The experiment went really well and I discovered some hidden gems and said goodbye to a lot of unnecessary items. Cutting my wardrobe from 269 down to 142 items.

Today it’s all about  Capsule 5 Summer 2016. Continue reading Capsule 5: Summer, No purchase necessary

Mini Retirement Monthly Update: Passports? Yes, please!

Hey there, if you’re new I am going to be publishing a monthly series where I document our journey to this years One Goal.  The goal: to take a Mini Retirement where we take 4 months off of work to travel internationally and permanently move to a new stateThe launch date of this adventure is October 1, 2017. This is our first time going through the process of planning a mini retirement. By the end of this series I hope to have a tried and true checklist to go by for all our future mini retirements. Wish  us luck and follow along on the journey.

This year all I really need to focus on is getting from here to that mini retirement. A major component of the mini retirement is going to be travel. I want to take an international trip for 2 months. Visiting Ecuador and El Salvador. Before that we are going to take a 3 week road trip across the U.S starting in California. At the end, we are planning to take a month to settle in to our new home state of Michigan. All in all, I need to prepare our family for 4 months of unusual living.

Of course to get this one goal accomplished there are a lot of other tasks I need to tick off. But, that is my focus. The question this year is: Is this helping me plan my trip? (Is this getting us ready for our Mini retirement?)

Time is ticking fast and some of you may have noticed the count down clock I added.

As of today it says 24 weeks and 4 days.  That is just 6 months out! and I am starting to feel the pressure. The point of this series is to help me manage my tasks so that I don’t get to September with 100 things to get done. Continue reading Mini Retirement Monthly Update: Passports? Yes, please!

My one goal this year

Yearly goals are a thing for me. They have been since I got pregnant with my son in college. I really do attribute my success in finishing school, after having a kid, to the focus that goal setting gives me.

Back then I used to do it every semester, but now I set yearly goals. I have a tendency to over do it, but this year I am not. This year I have ONE goal.

Usually I separate goals into categories: family, money, work, travel. Then I choose 3 or 4 or more for each category. ( If you don’t believe me, check out my goals for 2015) This year just ONE.

The goal: Continue reading My one goal this year

January Expenses and the uber frugal month wrap up

What do the uber frugal month challenge and our January spending have in common?

Only that they happened on the same month.

So peek through to see our uber frugal month challenge results. How much did we save? How much did we spend? and what was our honest opinion. Finally, whether we think it’s right for you.

So lets hop to it..

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2016 Goals: Year End Review

It’s January, and you know what that means.

Goals for 2016

This past year I decided to try something new. I had read that I could be more focused if I just chose one goal and really bore down on it for a whole month. It sounded interesting and logical. It sounded like I would get more, deeper work done.

It was also a way to avoid my natural tendency to overload myself with goals. The year before I had jot down 24. Instead this year I could only choose 12 goals for the year.  Continue reading 2016 Goals: Year End Review

Net Worth Update : Our growth in 2016

Hey Traveling Wallet readers,

It’s net worth update time. When I first posted my net worth out for the world to see, I wasn’t so sure how I felt about it. I’ll be honest I’m still a bit paranoid about the whole thing. It’s probably not a surprise that I feel like I am leaving myself a bit exposed.

While I am not sharing my net worth here monthly I do track it regularly. Finally, I decided that giving a yearly snap shot was probably not so bad.  (& since Mr. Roamer is on board, then all engines go)

Today I will be sharing the growth we saw in the last 12 month period. Sometimes, a year can just fly by, but it turns out 365 days is a lot of time to make improvement to our finances. Continue reading Net Worth Update : Our growth in 2016

Uber Frugal Month Challenge, Well Why Not?

Happy New Year Traveling Wallet Readers!

It is officially 2017 and it’s time to use that new years motivation to tackle exciting tasks.

This month the Roamer clan is  participating in the Frugalwood’s Uber Frugal month challenge. When Mrs. Frugalwoods first mentioned it, I was intrigued. But because we are trying our hand at travel hacking. Or credit cards rewards, I wasn’t sure we would be participating. Our 3 month deadline to meet spending is Jan 14. That is 14 days, where we would be more worried about spending rather then saving.

But we Continue reading Uber Frugal Month Challenge, Well Why Not?

5 Scholarships To Fund Your Study Abroad Term

I’ve wanted to travel the world for a long time. Now, I am finally taking steps to make that a reality. I am very excited about next year’s 3 month adventure. But I remember when I was in high school and learned about this wonderful thing.

Study Abroad.

A speaker came to my high school, and informed me that I could go to school, work on my degree. Then a year or two later, take time to go to a different country and visit, all while continuing to work on my degree. Say what? That is amazing! I was sold! And I have to admit that it was one of the main reasons why I wanted to go to university.

But life happened, and I never got the chance to live out that dream. So I never research how to even fund it.

Still, travel and the lure of exploring other cultures never left me. Now I’m here with 2 kids and a husband planning an international trip.

Still I know there are lots of people out there who still have a chance to study abroad. So today we have a guest post from Andrew of Andrew’s site is a great resource for anyone wanting or needing scholarship information. Study abroad or just normal school funding.

Top Study Abroad Scholarships

By: Andrew

If you have ever wanted to travel the world Continue reading 5 Scholarships To Fund Your Study Abroad Term

Surviving 1 year of colorful capsule wardrobes, and cutting my wardrobe by 47%

The traveling wallet is our journey through many of life’s facets. That’s why I like to cover a few main topics here on the blog: travel, money, family and minimalism.

This post is for those interested in minimalism. In this case creating a minimalist wardrobe and purging the items that just hung around. This year I completed a whole year of living Continue reading Surviving 1 year of colorful capsule wardrobes, and cutting my wardrobe by 47%