Our California Road Trip and 4 must see views

Mr. Roamer made a beautiful desktop background of our recent California road trip. I look at it and remember.

Oh yeah, I still haven’t told you how it went.

So today lets talk travel & family.

If you haven’t heard. We are moving to Michigan in about 1 year. This caused us to rethink our yearly vacations. We decided to cancel our Michigan trip, in favor of checking out California. It’s funny how that works. We’ve lived here for over 5 years and have only seen a few places. Opting instead to fly out of the state during our time off.

This year was different.

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The BIG NEWS, A big international trip.

I want to travel.

Not jump on a plane, gone for a week living in a hotel travel. I want sell-all-your-stuff don’t know when I’ll be back, kind of travel. Reading about nomadic families seeing the world makes my heart burst.  Mouth water, tingly all over.

But lets face it. Or I guess I should say not “lets” but  “I”.  I need to face it… Mr. and I just have different temperaments. Along with different upbringings. Non-stop travel is a super hard sell. For more reasons then you can even imagine.

But I am soooo excited to say that we might just be heading in that direction. Our family won’t be packing it up to go Continue reading The BIG NEWS, A big international trip.

Our California road trip: The plan

As a young adult in college hearing about a family’s need to take yearly vacations was odd. Hearing about yearly cruises or trips to Disney world didn’t make me think of the middle class. The people who spoke this way were surely raised in an upper class life style.

Growing up our family took some vacations but they were not a yearly occurrence and we weren’t jetting off to far off places. Actually they were few and far between and mostly involved camping.

As a full fledged adult I have to admit that I have bought into this yearly travel lifestyle. Through all our challenges, traveling has always remained in the forefront. Even as we tackled our student debt  and then became debt free. Even after a lay off. We continue to go places. Continue reading Our California road trip: The plan

2016 mid year goal review

Goals you either hate them or you love them. For me goal setting is what kept me on track once I got to university and had to be responsible for myself. With no parents around to make sure I did my homework and drank my milk I had to figure out a system. Back in university I would set goals every semester but now I simply set them at the beginning of the year. Goals are kind of like resolutions except they are less wishy-washy… Ever since then the habit has stuck because I have seen results.

This year I decided to try something new for my yearly goals. Continue reading 2016 mid year goal review

What we don’t spend on, and how it maximizes our Saving Potential

After that amazing feature on Rockstar Finance and all the eyes that viewed my post about Big Savings and Happiness. I thought I should shed some more light on the details. You can get a general idea by looking at our yearly spend but I’m getting really detailed here.

Maybe your a Californian and your jaw dropped by last years numbers. Its California! it’s super expensive! Or maybe you live in the Midwest and still are spending more then us.

How do we do it? Well, we do a lot of things the common American does. Like watch movies, and more movies. But we have a few areas where we are very different.  Here’s the list of things we don’t spend money on. This doesn’t mean we never, ever, ever spend money in these areas but it means that they are not monthly fixtures in our budget and when we do spend on it is rare. Continue reading What we don’t spend on, and how it maximizes our Saving Potential

Capsule Wardrobe Experiment Update

It’s not a new story to open up your closet and find nothing to wear. I hate to admit it, but I was just like that. I was so frustrated once I even posted it on Facebook. I received a flood of comments, full of sympathy, so many of my  female friends could relate. Had they been standing next to me I’m sure I would have seen their heads nodding up and down. Woe is us.

Last year after connecting with the minimalist movement I learned about something else. Capsule wardrobes. When I first started my journey into capsule wardrobes all I knew was that it promised I wouldn’t open up my closet and feel like I had nothing to wear.  It was going to solve that problem.

So I dug deeper and found some guidelines. Suggestions and inspiration. *

I didn’t follow all the rules.

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Net worth update


So it’s about time for another net worth update. When I first posted my net worth out for the world to see, I wasn’t so sure how I felt about it. Being transparent about you financials is a bit Taboo. It’s probably not a surprise that as the sharer I feel like I am leaving myself a bit exposed.

While I am not sharing my net worth here monthly it is something I keep and eye on. I decided that I felt that giving a yearly snap shot was probably not so bad. But I am running behind as these snap shots should be coming out during January. While I didn’t get the post out I did make sure to record my stats.

So in this post I will be sharing the growth we saw in the 12 month period since the last net worth post.

Also before putting this post out there I wanted to talk about our savings. Now that I’ve finally posted how much we saved last year I can finally share our new net worth. So if you haven’t read about our savings I highly recommend you head there first then come back here. Read about last years savings at Big Savings & Happiness: Can you have both?

Today we are already in May and that means this year is almost half over. Time seems to run right through our fingers so making big changes can seem so daunting. But a lot can change in just one year if you put your mind to it. That is the story behind our net worth growth.

It turns out 365 days is a lot of time.

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Minimalism without waste

We’ve been living in our new apartment for 3 months now and moving can have many benefits. For us it was a great excuse to purge mercilessly any items we could so that we wouldn’t have to move them. As I spoke about during the great moving purge.

As I work towards minimalism, I am also trying to do it without waste. As I removed the excess I want to do so with this quote in mind.

Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or do without.

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