Raw and unfiltered: I want more

It’s the year of more says Ramit

Do you want more?


I do want more. More me time, more free time, more travel, more calm, more balance.

But I don’t want more jewelry, more clothes, more bills, more clutter, more dinners out , more Jones’ or fake friends.


I do want more snuggling, more sleeping, more kids time, more roaming, more wandering, more adventure.

I don’t want more nail polish, or more make up, more stress, more demanding people.


I could use more money, more freedom, more passive income.

I don’t need more stereotypes, more restrictions, I don’t need more problems or why it won’t work.


I do want more solutions, more innovation, more education , more reading.

I don’t want more late nights at work , more pointless ladders to climb.


I do want to have time for more giving , more service, more creating, more tumbleweed cottages. More investing.


Yes, Ramit I do want more , its just not the usual more .

 What’s up with More

This year I finally started reading Ramit and this year its his year of MORE campaign. At first it rubbed me the wrong way. But the truth is I do want more.

Its just different.

I do want to earn more money, so that I can turn around and save more and buy more of my time and life back. More of my freedom.

Life has gotten crazy. More money for more time for more freedom sound like the ticket right now. Because I’d much rather be home kissing and snuggling my husband then working 2nd shift.

The Little Roamers enjoying a tent in the living room. Something I now miss out on.
The Little Roamers enjoying a tent in the living room. Something I now miss out on.

 More of this vs. More of that

I am making sacrifices right now to build my more, but in turn I am getting less. Less time with mi esposo ( that means my husband), less sleep.

I think someone said it but I can’t remember who, every thing is a trade off. That when you prioritize something you are taking something else off the table. There is just not enough time to do everything.

What do you want more of? What are you taking off the table to get it?  Sometimes what you take off is not a sacrifice. For me that’s make up or nail polish. The products, the chemicals, the effort…. I ain’t got time for that. Other times it is a sacrifice. Working for the dollars but losing time with the kids or the husband.

Leave a comment below and I ask you again. What do you want MORE of? What are you trading for it? Is it no biggie or is it a sacrifice?


4 thoughts on “Raw and unfiltered: I want more”

  1. I started reading his article but realized it went on for days…maybe later…but I’m familiar with him and I know he is very controversial at times. I’m with you. I do want more money, but that’s because right now there isn’t really enough to sustain right now. I want a life of less stress and worry about money. More calmness. More peace. More joy and contentment. And some more love wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂 See you Saturday!

    1. Yeah it was super long. 🙂

      I think he’s a great resource for increasing your income. That is why I started reading him. I think cutting back us great but like you said when there is not enough coming in well then that also needs attention.

      See you soon. Slightly not great new I think I’m getting sick 🙁

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