Life is a strict teacher

I’ll be honest I also started this blog because sometimes I felt  like it was hard to relate to the pack leader Mr.Money Mustache himself. This guys is the alpha dog in early retirement ( plainly seen by all his followers) ….but as I was saying sometimes its hard to relate to this guy. He’s already retired, he only has 1 kid and he didn’t have to try to juggle raising that kid with work. He doesn’t have to juggle living now with living later. He’s already retired and free to do as he pleases. It’s an inspiration but sometimes hard to relate.

So I said, HEY.. I have to juggle work and kids, I have to budget for a 5 person household, I still have debt. I still work in the rat race and am learning about investing. I can be that middle link! I can help people relate and spread the message, So that they too can get their financial house in order, climb out of debt, learn about family and work and balancing it all. Then still be able to enjoy money building new experiences(travel). I’m not so untouchable that people can’t relate. I’m not so extreme.

UGH! but then…then I read some articles or hear complaints from friends and I have to bite my tongue and cross my arms to keep myself from shaking some sense into them.

Meh! maybe I am not as chill as I thought. Even at my much lower level of badassity compared to MMM and the mustachians some of my suggestions might still come off as extreme compared to my target audience.

So I’ve become slightly concerned with how to deliver my content. I want it to be useful, attainable. Then I realized that this is my house and my journey and being genuine is key.

The Roamer has jumped lots of hurdles since the MMM sun cleared the clouds and if the Roamer is better off well, that’s just the truth.  That’s the reality. So this is a heads up. The Roamer will say things that are critical of your spending. Especially if it sounds like this stuff

Oh I’m so broke that I can’t pay the gas on my lifted truck
Oh I just bought the newest gaming system, yeah playing is the only way for me to relieve all this stress from this mountain of student debt.
Can you lend me $100 I’m low on cash and my payday loans ran out

Critical is GOOD. You only fix something when you realize that it is broken. So lets identify the problems, then we can work on the solutions together. After all life is a strict teacher.

-The Roamer

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