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I accepted the Extra Income challenge

As the Roamer here at the Traveling Wallet, I am reading up on how to optimize. One of my goals is to retire early and another is to be a better parent.

One of the methods I plan to use to reach these goals is by diversifying my income stream. If I can earn income from home then I can be home with my kids. If I can earn side hustle income while holding a 9-5 then I can save more aggressively and reach FIRE.(That’s Financial Independence Retire Early for any new to the term.) Which means that the sooner I reach it the sooner I can stay home with my kids.

It’s a never ending circle of finding a way to spend more time with the kids!

So one way,  like I mentioned earlier is to earn some side hustle!

So I proudly accept The Extra Income Challenge thrown down by Mr. Lance over there at Money Manifesto.

Money Manifesto

I’m going to keep the bar realistic given my lack of experience. But here is my official pledge per Lance’s Instructions

The Pledge

I, The Roamer, accept the extra income challenge. I challenge myself to make an extra $100 of income this month. I plan to make this income through a yard sale where I get rid of unneeded items.I will also be registering to UBER to provide lifts. I will report my progress next month on the next Extra Income Challenge update.

This is pretty small peanuts when you consider it against my take home but every little bit helps.  The challenge also mentions having a reason like challenging yourself to earn enough to pay for a date. Well I gave you all my reason up top. This is a small step to earning enough to quit my standard 9-5.

Thinking about depositing those puppies straight into my investment account is motivational enough for me.

Will you accept the Challenge. Head over to Money Manifesto and make your pledge.

If you have any tips on how to succeed as a seller in a yard sale I’d love to hear it. Also any tips on Uber!

4 thoughts on “I accepted the Extra Income challenge”

    1. I will let you know. My husband is worried about safety also plus wear on the car. But I need to sign up still.

      Thanks for the question its kick in the butt I need to get it done

    1. So far it’s not looking to good. I guess they my car is not big enough Toyota Corolla. But I sent an email just to verify.

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