Happy New Year Debt!

Narrator Note:  So I've been pondering how best to make this post. I know it's an important one and highly needed to set the baseline of what I, The Roamer, am working with in regard to debt and to better highlight any accomplishments. So, I decided to take the plunge and just keep it short and to the point. 

The Start of 2014 greeted the Roamer clan with the following debt numbers, savings, and retirement contributions.

Student loan debt $9046.44 with 6%

Toyota loan $8902.75 with 2.99%

Honda loan $17,479.69 with 1.99%

That’s a grand total of $35,428.88

With a joint saving account with ~ $11,000.00

Actively contributing to a 401k 15% of one earners income so less than 15% of our total earnings.

But more significantly was the mindset we were actively only concerned with quickly paying off Student loan debt and had even just financed a new car in September. Effectively increasing our debt.

So there you have it the baseline for 2014

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