Half way through a 4 month mini retirement

Hi everyone

I just figured I should leave a quick note.

Last I wrote we were still in the prepping stages of our mini retirement.

We were standing at the precipice.

I’ll be honest I was getting all sorts of butterflies in my stomach. Except it was more like worms, lizards and snakes. September was an intense last month and I was getting more and more nervous.

It might be in poor taste to say money wasn’t my worry. After all that is the big worry for most. But it wasn’t that. It was everything else. So many changes, I was scared.

I guess even after lots of planning, with safety nets and backup plans. And so much cushion, change is still scary.

Change is scary.

But that was September.

Now it’s almost the end of November.

We’ve jumped off into the unknown and we’ve been on the flow of all this change. We’re alive! ( You might have thought different given the silence here)

Not only are we alive we are living.

That’s my excuse for abandoning you for so long. Sorry.

The start of October saw us take our 21 day road trip from California to Michigan.  The trip was great but much more packed and fast pace then I imagined. I was too exhausted at the end of the day to do work.

After all I had to keep family informed. Especially my son’s dad. So I was writing and posting, just the personal kind.

Now we are 12 days in to our El Salvador trip. We all got our passports stamped and I can just about cry thinking about it.

It happened! We made it!

Seriously, I am so overwhelmed and overcome by emotions. This visit has been on my life plan since I was a teenager. And I’m here. Now. This is the moment.

So that’s us right now. El  Salvador has proved a much slower pace. So here I am.  Internet is spotty. But it’s enough to drop you this note.

I’m hoping to post some pictures. You probably won’t see any big posts. To much to live and see.  Like right now I’m inside the house and a dragonfly is flying around my feet in and out of our room. I told the kids and now they are screaming and chasing it around. Big mistake telling them . Lol.

I am planning to relaunch site in March. Tell me what you’d like to know. How can I help?
Bryce Canyon during our 21 day road trip.
Longmont, CO,USA part of 21 day road trip
Tazumal in El Salvador

Ciao dreamers,

The Roamer

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