Guest post on the Plutus Finalist blog, Even Steven Money

Lots of great things come from starting up a blog on personal finance and some of us even venture into the realm of Financial independence.

The biggest benefit is hearing about other people who are making big changes and reaching their goals. It’s reasuring to know there are people out there just like you and me dreaming big and making those dreams a reality.

I got to meet a bunch of these inspirational people at this year’s FinCon and one of them was Even Steven. And let me tell you something, when people blog anonymously or behind a caricature its always an anticipated moment to see what people really look like.

So if you were ever wondering what Even Steven looks like, let me break the tension. He looks just like his caricature especially where the dollar bills are exploding out of his coat pocket 🙂 . Unlike me an my stick figure logo.

Traveling Wallet

Well thanks to this happy meeting at FinCon I  have had the opportunity to participated in Even Steven’s financial independence interview series. So head over to learn more about the Traveling Wallet retirement plans.

Then poke around and read more of Even Steven’s writing. It’s good stuff.

Welcome to all Even Steven Readers

If you’ve made it here thanks to the aforementioned interview thank you so much for coming over to check out the Traveling Wallet and the Roamer Clan. I am so happy to have you here.

If you want to learn more about me and my relationship to finance. Check out my aggressive yearly financial and life goals. Where I shoot for the stars in regards to our money goals.

You can also read about how we spend the average American dollars for vacationing but we squeeze more out then the national average. While most spend 4 grand on one  7 day vacation. We spend a similar amount on over 3 weeks of vacation to different locales.

Feel free to leave me your thoughts and questions as I really enjoy hearing from you.

And if you’d like to stay up to date on my latest posts don’t forget to follow me on twitter. 

Much love

The Roamer traveling wallet




In case you missed it here’s the link to check out my interview on Even Steven Money.

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