Here I’ve decided to add a page to make it easy for me to track my goals. When I was at the university I started to make goals every quarter and I would type them up and print them out so I could see them. As life has changed and gotten more hectic with family I have kept up with the practice and even learned how to make better goals. These are know as SMART goals (S-specific, M- measurable, A- attainable, R- relevant, T- timely). I think that since it has been helpful for me that it would be worth sharing it here at the Traveling Wallet.

This page is going to be dynamic as I will continue changing it by adding and crossing off completed goals.

Current Year Goals


Take a 4 month long Mini Retirement starting Oct 1st


  • 3 week cross country road trip
  • 1 month in Ecuador
  • 1 month in El Salvador
  • Move to Michigan from California

Previous Yearly Goals


This year I am doing something different. I am going to focus monthly on one goal.

  • Save 40% of earnings
  • Travel to 1 new place 4+ days
  • Earn $1000 in writing
  • Read 1 parenting post / day
  • 700 words/day for 1 month
  • Write 4 guest posts
2015 Goals

Financial, Blog, Work

        • Earn side hustle $500( Complete)
        • Save 30K for house($2500/month) ( Failed)
        • Max out 401K 18K/person ( Complete & 95%)
        • Attend Fincon ( Complete)
        • Add AdSense (Complete), have blog pay for itself 
        • Hunt for new job, interview 3 times (Cancelled)
        • Get pay increase of 5%+ (Complete)

Relationships, Travel

        • 1 date/month with Mr. Roamer ( Complete)
        • 1 play date/ month with each kid individually (Failed)
        • 1 family trip 5+ days (Complete)

Looking for some more info to track progress check out my status posts

The Roamer Goals at the Traveling Wallet 2014 Original
        • Pay off student loans by July (COMPLETED in APRIL)
        • Open Barclay account  (Completed in March)
        • Go on one date a month with spouse (Complete in Dec)
        • Run one 5 k race (Jan-June)Completed, one 5k race (Jul- Dec)Fail
        • 1 trip 5 days+ (completed July 2014)

After starting to read  MMM I realized I could accomplish more this year financially so I have added these goals as well.

        • Pay off both cars (Completed July 2014)
        • Save  50% of income
        • Open peer to peer lending account (Fail)
        • Increase 401k to 20% of family income. (Completed July 2014)
        • Earn Side hustle $ 250

To get more details on all these goals check out my end of year summaries for 2014.

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