FinCon 2015, Help!

Just a little over a month away FinCon 2015 is hot on my mind.

I’m starting to get nervous for multiple reasons. You see like any good personal financier I am getting worried about the numbers.

What is going to be my ROI? How will I make sure its good?

Though we can afford it in one sense, it is a big investment. I mean there’s the conference pass, the hotel stay, the plane ticket, lifts to and from the airport, food. There’s a lot of money tied into this thing. But its not just that, there are other costs too, specially in the realm of time. My vacation time and weekend both things that are for my family won’t be. My husband and I will have to go 12 days without really spending any time together. It’s a sacrifice, and I need to make sure its worth it. I need to make the most of it. That’s a lot of pressure.

So I’m hunting. Hunting for any information to make sure I do the right things.

Cost so far

  • Airplane $480.70
  • Hotel $515.17
  • Fincon pass $408.95

That’s a total of $1404.82 and that’s not including food or lifts.

Though I did save with the pass because I signed up for FinCon mailing list and so I saw the note about the 48hr sale. Hey if I’m going to go I might as well get the best deal. I’m not sure if I should have saved more by purchasing a regular pass instead of the pro pass. Am I at a point that a pro pass is necessary?

FinCon 15

Purchasing so far in advance is also a big commitment and back then I wasn’t 100% sure I would be going. But it was  their policy that allowed for transfers that put my mind at ease about purchasing 9 months in advance.

Though I probably could have saved more on the pass I think I did pretty good. However, I really messed up with the airfare. My poorest financial decision and biggest regret was not pouncing on $282 for flights. Seriously. Uber fail on my part. Securing the best deal on flights is usually my number 1 concern when I travel.

Accomodation costs are also high but I signed up during group pricing. Are you heading to FinCon? Message me I am looking for roommates. Ladies only though. 🙂 I booked the 2 beds room in anticipation of finding roommate(s) to cut down costs. It will be a fun adventure and its only for 3 nights. As Finance bloggers I’m sure we can all agree that cutting costs is valuable. I am looking for roomies to cut costs down all around.

 At this price this is not just for fun it is for business. I mean if it’s just for fun that is really expensive fun for just myself. My husband and I could have done over 10 organized races(fun runs) for that, taken classes and paid for babysitting, or even taken a week long family trip somewhere.

All alone

I guess another reason I’m scared, worried is that I’m going by myself. It’s intimidating. I have had the good fortune of attending conferences before during college ( shout out to SHPE) but it was always in groups.

Not having anyone to fall back on means I am going to have to be super proactive, so that I’m not that weirdo standing at the edge of the room.  Luckily I never had a problem with that and most say I’m very outgoing. But it has been a long time since I’ve been in this situation.

Being outgoing and making connections is what’s going to make this trip a success.

As preparation I have read/watched and re visited these 2 resources. I really recommend you check them out.

Pat Flynn’s Spi TV conference tip

Bugetblonde’s conference hustle advice 

So let me know in the comments about any other good work I should read before September 17. Not only will you be sharing with me but any other readers aswell. Planning ahead and being prepared will benefit us all.

Mixed bag of feelings

Even with all the nervousness weighing on my chest. The  excitement is steadily building as well. This is going to be a big adventure.

Ahhh! 😀 how amazing!

I am going to hopefully see more then just the inside of a fancy hotel room. I will have the chance to explore a new city I’ve never been too. Traveling! Hooray!

Then I am going to be surrounded by people who share similar interests.  Making connections and meeting all these inspirational people who have impacted my life. Never before have a gone to a conference where I know people even though we’ve never met.

Are you going to FinCon? Let me know it would be nice to meet in person. Are you looking to cut cost ? Send me a message. And don’t be shy with any recommendations. More good tips on maximizing the experience are highly welcome and greatly appreciated.






7 thoughts on “FinCon 2015, Help!”

  1. Everyone’s number one fear is standing in the corner alone. Let me assure you, coming from an introvert, it won’t happen. Everyone’s fears go unfounded and you will have a blast. That I can assure you. I don’t think you need the pro pass IMHO. And yes, finding a roommate will be very helpful. I spend too much money on food and drink when I went (St. Louis) so I have to be way more frugal in that dept. The best tip I can give you is pace yourself. It’s exhausting but fun.

  2. Contact PT. I think he has a list you can be put on for people looking for roommates. If not, join the FB FinCon group and post a message there.

    I’ve gone to two already. I agree with Tonya: You don’t need a pro pass.

    Inre food: You’ll get access to breakfast and lunch food. So you just need to figure out dinner. And sometimes there are events after that have snacks. If there’s a grocery nearby, go grab some meats/cheese/rolls or other snacks for the room. Or at least bring some protein bars for the room.

    Breakfast and lunch has you sitting around tables, so there’s instant promise that you’ll be socializing. And those events afterward also mean you’ll be mingling. And they’re always within walking distance.

    FinCon folks are friendly and/or networking. So you’ll have people introducing themselves plenty. If not, do that to others. You feel a little awkward at first, but people are very receptive.

    You’ll have a great time. You’ll come away with the names of new blogs to read, and you’ll have handed out cards so that other bloggers will check you out. Plus at the Expo Hall you can meet potential advertisers or at least people who might do giveaways with you. At the absolute least, some interesting products to talk about. And a little swag.

    Mostly, though, you’ll probably find the sessions interesting. (Like the one I’m on!) There’s always great information, ranging from finding your niche, growing your blog, SEO, approaching advertisers, etc. It varies from year to year.

    And as I’m sure Cat mentioned in her post, if you’re interested in freelancing, go to that event. (Pretty sure it’s happening again this year.) You can get a shot as some prospective jobs there.

    Sorry this comment is so long. I just want to assure you that it’s definitely an experience to have. I think that if you attend the sessions, you’ll more than get your money’s worth. Especially if you can find a roommate. (Sorry, I’m already rooming with my mom.)

    I’m actually thinking of posting the most recent pic I have of myself shortly before leaving for FinCon. That way, people who read my blog, at least occasionally, can come up and say hello. At least then it’s one face new attendees (well, a few of them anyway) will know.

    1. Thanks so much for all the awesome feedback.

      I am using the list to find roommates and I am really glad about the big tables at meal times I have done that before and it’s an instant conversation starter for sure.

      Yeah I over did it with the pro pass I wonder if someone wants to trade me?

      Otherwise I just need to make sure I use those extra sessions.

      Thanks again for all the support and input

      1. Glad I could help. Maybe email PT and explain you mid ought with the pro pass. Ask if he can take that portion off. Worst he can do is say no, right?

        Come say hi if you see me there. I’ll be the one riding Donna Freedman’s coat tails. Yay, nepotism!

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