Entering the World of Investing

I finally did it!

I opened my own Vanguard Account!

 I took the plunge, and opened my first independent investment account.

Don’t ask me why, but I felt a rush and anticipation as I worked towards owning my vanguard fund.

I felt like I am finally jumping into the pool  of  investing.

It’s kind of amusing and silly as I have a 401k which I just currently set up to max out. That is of course also investing.

I know why it feels different, because really it isn’t my choice when it comes to the 401K. The company pick who will run our investments, then the investment firm decides what funds they will offer. You (I) just pick how much. Currently the that portfolio is running off of a target retirement date. 

Even though I know I could be more active this is just were I am at now with this.

So being able to choose it all. The investment firm, the stock. The amount.  It’s exhilarating. But I’m nervous and fearful too.

Yet I am confident. My nervousness wasn’t about loosing money it was about starting something new and pushing my comfort zone. 

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and what have I learned about investing?


Why vanguard?

Well I frequent lots of FI blogs, I drink the stuff up like delicious sweet juicy nectar and I’m not going to argue with the pros. (pros because they’ve been doing it longer and have net worth’s to prove it)

So here is the scoop
It really has to do with Low fees. If I’m able to drop an equal amount of money into this account as my 401k I wouldn’t be surprised to see better gains due to lower fees.

They offer a total stock market fund. 

I’m excited and can’t wait to see how I ride out the stocks bumpy upward trend.

** congratulations to me . The new proud owner of some  VTSMX stocks. All I could purchase with the $3700 I had sitting around, The VTSMX  has the low entry of $3000.

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