Weekly Pain & Gain: Crazy crane lady

That was almost me the crazy crane lady.


Last Monday I shared with you the unexpected turn of events with my Craigslist ad. People wanted to put in orders.  Well that wasn’t exactly what I had planned but I decided that yes I would venture into this world of pre-order items.

It was for a wedding and I decided I would not gouge them for using the “W” word. But the Short lead time could  not be ignored. Not only that there were lots of special requests and no time.

After hearing the order request I ran a few number and determined that yes I could do that, but it would be tight. I was being optimistic.

However, after 17 messages back and forth and still no solid commitment I had to trust my gut and just say no thanks. These people wanted something very specific and I had no time for testing ideas out. After all I’m not a professional supplier. I just do this for fun but for this order I was just feeling stress.

It was really a pain because I was excited about it but I don’t think my first customers should be so high maintenance and my lead time so nonexistent. The biggest pain was how much repeating I had to go through . Hey you freelancers when you have clients do you often need to repeat yourself several times in just 1 day? 

The end of the week also ended with pain.

You know how they say you don’t know what you have until its gone. By then its usually too late too. Well we all know the saying to be true but most of us still wait to act intentionally. Sunday was a day like that. After having my grandparents just an hr away for years and years. They are moving far far away back to South America.

I definitely feel like we should have visited more. Its bittersweet because I think there is a lot of good that will come of it but again it’s sad and painful because now they will be so much farther away.

Well see how that goes. But it’s very possible we might not see them again for a very, very long time. 🙁


Like I told you last Monday Mr. Roamer needed to stop by the urgent care but it had a silver lining. After Mr. went to urgent care we found out nothing serious was wrong just swelling but the real gain was being able to all be together for one extra day. It was wonderful. We all think a 3 day weekend is the best and this was very close to the same thing.

As the week progressed his finger finally started looking better. So we are happy nothing was broken.

Papa and Minnie Roamer having a good time at the beach!
Papa and Minnie Roamer having a good time at the beach!

This weekend we had a fun time spending time at the beach with a bigger group! It’s always more fun that way because we get to talk to other grown ups and also we get to talk more to each other. Since there are more people around nobody has to fight to get attention. Mr. And I strongly need to increase our social circles so times like these are very rejuvenating.

Also on the flip side of the pain of my grandparents leaving, is the fact that they are leaving because my aunt and her family came here to visit. It was great to finally meet my cousins and to see my aunt and uncle again after, hmm 22 year.

Sadly we still spent only meer hours together. But it was good nonetheless.

We talked and will try to make it out there before another 22 year elapse. Ideally in 5.

This was a roller coaster week for sure.

Capsule Update

Here is my weekly update. So since starting my capsule I have found that I have been doing a lot less laundry.

I already practiced the wear clothes more then once mentality, but before I didn’t have anywhere to put the items while they waited for their second go around. This resulted in stuff ending up in the laundry bin prematurely. Now I have ample space in the closet to hang up any item I think can be worn again before a wash. So I am doing less laundry.

If you want the financials on that it’s nothing super big but it does save money.

Here are some pictures of what I wore this week.

Midweek look
Midweek look
Slight variation
Slight variation
Saturday, Off to the beach
Saturday, Off to the beach
Sunday to go visit grandparents and get some last family pictures.
Sunday to go visit grandparents and get some last family pictures.

And just in case you wanted to know. I just wore my white flip flops with all these. Except for mid week then I am actually barefoot while I’m home.

How was last week for you? Seen any family lately?

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