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Well Hello!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out the Traveling Wallet.

I’m quite a mix of things so I hope you can relate to me on some level.

Me in a nutshell

Well for starters, Soy Latina, y orgullosa . That’s right I’m latina and proud of it. I’m a mom of 2, and a wife of one. 🙂 ha-ha. I’m a dreamer but also a do-er.

I work in a STEMs field and I have a BS ( that’s a Bachelor in Science) in Mechanical Engineering, but I spent the majority of my career doing Industrial engineering (I.E.,), and for those who may not know I.E.’s are C.I.’s or Continuous improvement (lean) agents. Optimization was the name of the game. Eliminating waste and inefficiencies was what I spent most of my time on at work. Now I’m a quality engineer.

Okay… Now what?

Well as you saw above I have spent plenty of time at work on improvement. This has fed into multiple areas of my life, specially my home life. I wanted you to know me so that you can understand me and my blog.

My focus here is on parenthood, travel and finances. With a hefty dose of minimalism mixed in. But you want to know a secret? Underneath they are all about 1 thing. Continuous improvement. Change and growth.

So I’m a bit scatter brained ( moms can I  get a woot woot) and it might show up in my blog posts, but as the Roamer clan CFO I must be doing something right. We are on our way to Financial independence after all. But don’t get me wrong while this blog might be a one woman show the household finances are not. At home Mr. Roamer and I are a team and make decisions together. But this blog exists because I’m the one obsessively learning about personal finance.

So here I will be talking about parenthood, traveling, work, and optimizing finances. Minimalism is also a big topic and I’m currently testing out capsule wardrobe living.

Why should you stay?

Stay if this place makes you feel at home. As in your not too shy to comment. Seriously talk to me, I want to get to know you. Stay if you are learning. Stay if it feels right.

Personally I am tired of this 9-5 or for us 2nd shifters 3 pm-1am working life. I have big dreams. I want to travel… Extended travel. So I am trying to figure out how to get from here to there. Breaking down all the barriers stopping me from reaching my dreams.

But for that you need money.


You need money to raise a family, you need money to travel the world, and of course you need money to be Financially Independent and to retire and live off of that sweet passive income.

The only difference is my journey isn’t going to have me accumulating 2 million dollars. Remember I’m also a blossoming minimalist that means I’m not your average American.

So join me. If you have big dreams, join me if you could use an improved money perspective, and join me if you are a parent.

When I started this blog I was disillusioned and a complainy pants, I’ll still complain once in a while I’m not perfect, but I hope to complain less and act more.

Because you can’t reach dreams without action. Action is key! So join me!

Your first test, to see if you really are up to change and action. Leave a comment and tell me your big dream, your money question, or your best parenting secret.  Go ahead I know you can take that first action step.

The Roamer traveling wallet



4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Like you have mentioned in a posting I also am hesitant to leave my financial logins with a third party consolidator like Mint or Personal Capital. How do you accomplish downloading data from various financial institutions and automating your financial picture? Is there an Excel template available that would help me reduce the laborious task of logging into individual accounts and sorting the information? What is your opinion of one of the Quicken products like Deluxe or Premiere which keeps the information local and allows you to import Quicken files?

  2. Honestly I just do data entry. We have a few accounts but it only takes about 45 mins. Since we don’t buy a lot there isn’t too much to enter. Plus it’s only 45min once a month.

    Sorry I can’t speak to any of those softwares.

  3. Yay for you! I too used to be a complainy pants and am finally seeing the error of my ways. Loving your posts so far and looking forward to hearing about your travels! Living internationally has certainly changed my life 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      I am super excited for our upcoming trip and hope my kids say the same thing you just did. That it changed their life!

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